Subway Train Simulator 2017 App Reviews

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Too many ads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This game is annoying because every time I close the doors at each station ,there are ads.please fix!

Too many ads

I've never gotten through a round of this game because of the ads. Deleting now.

It's just an add platform

The game is a rise for ads with poor, unexplained gameplay.

Less than average ads for this game maker.

Generally this game maker has way too many ads. Not like they care, their reviews are loaded with complaints about it, some games you cannot even play because of the ads. this game is pretty good for what it is and there are only ads at every train stop. Personally that's still too much for me and I will delete it.

Not ready

No not realistic. Hard to know when to put on the training. And typos everywhere. Finally AD HELL.

Suggestions... Developers, Please read

I believe this game has some good potential. In its current state, however, it doesn't seem too refined and there isn't much to do. Also, the obnoxious video ads continue to pop up over and over. Please either reduce the frequency of these ads or (at the very least) introduce an IAP that allows us to pay for their removal. Also, as I mentioned before, there's really nothing to do in between stations. All we can do is sit and watch the tunnel and wait for that annoying ad to pop up again. However, in reality, there are (important) things a subway conducted does in between stations such as make announcements, for example. Even a simple addition like that, in which we may choose from a series of premade announcements, would reduce the bordem. Graphically, of course, the game is far from refined. In future updates you may consider changing the textures or adding some more vibrance and variability to the stations. Again, this game has potential, but in its current state it's more a forum for advertisements than anything else, so I wouldn't reccomend it until further updates are made.

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