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Subway Train Simulator 2017

4.2 ( 2032 ratings )
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Developer: Games Banner Network

Have you ever dreamt to be a subway train driver? Well, we’ve got a present for you - Ultimate subway simulator of this year – game this the best features of ever train simulator!

Drive your train as a real machinist, stop at each station to get passengers, follow semaphores and speed limits – do all the things, that you love in such games with Subway Train Simulator 2017 in 3D! Explore the subway lines of San-Britania, with all its stretches, and have fun! And don’t forget to open wagon doors to let passengers in!

Drive fast, ‘cause your passengers are in a hurry, as always, and you’re the good machinist, aren’t you? Earn coins for transporting people, and upgrade your train, or even buy a new one! Explore undergrtound tunnels, avoid crashes (don’t forget to close wagon doors when you leave the station), follow the semaphores and don’t push the speed limits! Evade the penalties for slowness and accidents!

Feel yourself as a part of San-Britain public transportation system becoming a subway train driver! Use all your driving and engineering skills to control a train avoiding crashes or traffic violation. Be a good subway driver with a Subway Train Simulator 2017! Work at a public transportation system as a machinist, explore subway tunnels, stop at each metro station and transport passengers with their cargo to the station they need! Love train & railway games? This subway train driving simulator is made for your joy!

Subway Train Simulator 2017 features:

- Realistic subway lines – earn points and unlock all of them!
- Modern system of semaphores and speed limits – don’t push them or get the penalty!
- Wide range of train upgrades
-Many hurrying passengers – deliver all of them, and earn bonus points for extra speed!
-Detailed driver cabin

Be a metro train driver, drive fast but accurate, follow all rules, signals and signs. Help citizens to get to the station they need on time, upgrade your train and Subway Train Simulator 2017 - great virtual subway world for real railway lovers!